Inland Capital Finance

At Inland Capital Finance (ICF) we understand that you are an individual and that every individual is different. Over the years we have had many different clients with varying situations– from those with excellent credit scores to those rebuilding their credit scores, some with large down payments to some looking to utilize down payment assistance programs, and others looking to refinance to lower their monthly payments or pull cash out to others purchasing their first home. We are experienced and ready to tackle any situation you might have.

One of the advantages of working with ICF is that we are a Mortgage Broker, which allows us more flexibility in comparison to a bank. A mortgage broker has the ability to shop with numerous banks and lenders simultaneously to find the lowest rate and/or the best loan program. Above that, we highly value our ability to interact and educate our clients on a one-to-one basis. At ICF you are not just another file, we treat you like we would treat our own family.

In the world of Real Estate and Real Estate finance things can easily become confusing if you are not familiar with the terms and processes of Real Estate transactions. That is why we make ourselves available to answer any questions our clients may have and to ensure they are properly educated. If you are like most people, this is the largest financial decision you will make and we want to help you feel confident about your transaction before you sign on the dotted line.

Our commitment to customer service, consumer education, and integrity has allowed us to continually do business even through the recession. Inland Capital Finance strictly adheres to lending practices and guidelines and we are proud to say we have maintained a reputation for honestly advising clients about their options and providing them with quality loan products.

If you are looking for someone to sit down with you and help you understand the details of your future real estate transaction, give us a call! Even if you are unsure whether or not you are in a position to qualify to purchase or refinance, let us help you better understand what you would need to do to make your goals possible. We would love to earn your business.